What are some of the best cognitive-enhancing practices?

Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne

What are some of the best cognitive-enhancing practices?

Something guaranteed and strong enough to work with no long-term side effects.

What I use now: training, mostly running, sometimes strength training. A little coffee in the morning, lemon juice, apple vinegar with water, because it correlates with my weight loss and daily calorie intake, but I am writing here because it seems to affect energy (confidence = 20%, impact = 15%, and nutrition and the effect is greater on calories).

I haven’t experimented with any substances except coffee lately to note here as I need to make sure no long-term side effects could occur.

What is interesting is not a temporary small improvement, but practices that train as a long-term increase in performance that can be measured by GMAT / IQ and other metrics. Where I use it now: training, work, personal projects, the formation of a structure for business and investment, a deep and quick understanding of the issues that I solve for the client, the solution of non-standard problems

Clear thinker. Difference maker. Problem solver.

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Timothy Ivaikin

Timothy Ivaikin

Clear thinker. Difference maker. Problem solver.

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