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“A proletarian is not just someone who does not own the means of production and capital and is forced to sell his labor power (to live on wages) in order not to starve to death. This is, firstly, the one who is employed in the productive sector of the economy — otherwise, we have a sexton or a sexton in the church (or — if in a Muslim republic it is more understandable — azanchi, muezzin), no matter how ridiculous it may seem, into the “proletariat” ! Secondly, this is the one who, having lost his job, in the near future (the near future, that is, within weeks, and in the worst case even days) faces the prospect of starvation (and the situation is even more tragic if he needs to support his family). Consequently, a person who owns housing (which can be rented out — even part of it — and from this receive income); a person who has a car that allows him to “cash in”, “tax” (or lease to someone else — and from this also receive income); a person who has a piece of land, at least some noticeable bank account, property inherited from relatives, shares, etc., cannot be considered a proletarian. Moreover, a highly qualified hired worker, one who cannot be fired and instantly replaced by another (since you cannot find this other in the same second), is also not a proletarian: his high qualifications, the education he received act as capital (and capital under capitalism. — this is a special form of a commodity; capitalism in general seeks to turn everything into a commodity — even what, as it seems to us, cannot or should not be a commodity; this phenomenon is called commodification). Finally, a worker who loses his job, but who is not in danger of starving to death — because of unemployment benefits, social benefits, etc. — also cannot be considered a proletarian. Our (and often foreign) “leftists” are ready to appoint as “proletarians”, for example, programmers, while a normal programmer usually has a choice (he chooses an employer), while in the case of a true proletarian everything is exactly the opposite. …

The proletarian is not a reward, […] the proletarian, as the founders of Marxism directly wrote, is a curse, this is a punishment, this is a tragedy. “

The stratification will always be, this is the law of nature, statistics, the law of large numbers. Everyone has different abilities. But if there are no marginals, proletarians and precariat left, and the lowest classes are what is now attributed to the elites, then the stratification will not threaten the quality of life of people.

Therefore, it is our duty to eradicate the proletariat as a concept, primarily through education.

From a digger with a shovel, to a combine operator, to an engineer of robotic diggers and an agrochemist / agrobiologist, etc.

It’s like socializing the marginalized population. Sometimes it’s not just because it’s difficult for a person to learn

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Timothy Ivaikin

Timothy Ivaikin

Clear thinker. Difference maker. Problem solver.